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St. Varma's Creative Outbursts

St. Varma
18 July 1981
Ha, you found me! Welcome!

This is going to be my little corner of the web for my Dracula: the Series fanworks.

While I am more than aware of the two Dracula: the Series communities here on livejournal, I am no longer going to be posting to them. I might stick my head in once in a while to see what is new, but the moderators and myself are in a messy flame war. If you really would like to know the reasons for this, you can ask me via email or IM. It is for this same reason that neither ms_metternich nor dr_gabor_varney are going to be posting in fanworks either. Sophie will remain in theatrical_muse and respond to ficlet challenges. She will also be available for RPG purposes (as will Varney).


My stories are also backed up to Ficwad, my username is Celestria.

To-do list:
Make icon of Cross of the Magyars if possible
Submit my journal as a URL to Lucard's Home Page

Just a warning, most of my fanfiction will be pure Dracula the Series, though I might do some crossovers or might write something totally different. Also it is important to note that I write a variety of ratings, some more than others.

And it is important to note other things.

1) My OTP is Lucard/Sophie, get over it. I don't care if your opinion states they didn't flirt in Sophie QotN or Dinner or if they did. I saw flirting and since Sophie/Lucard is one of the most popular pairings in DtS fanfic (outside of the Mary Sues of course), it is obvious that others saw the same. My secondary pairing is Sophie/Klaus which is a rare pairing indeed.

2) If you have a specific request, I will do my best to write it for you. You can leave your request here or over at melsmarsh.

3) Also I am using my tags as best I can, they will all have the rating, fanworks "type", and the characters that are involved. I will also be adding them to memories by rating and by "type." If the fanworks type is an essay, it will not be rated but it still will be placed into memories.

4) I am attempting to lj-cut all entries.

5) If you want to archive my fic or my essays or whatever, just ask. I'll likely say yes unless you are an obvious asshole.

Awards and Nominations!

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